The Weaver Mysteries

Dr Necro Entry #1

Magic… you know magic??? show me your magic tricks kid ;)
This is what i thought when I realized that magic is true, this is what I think I thought…

Anyways, my day was almost boring when a corpse began to chat with me, I firstly thought that the chemicals where fucking with my brain, so I just went without speaking, when he became anoying, and I became curious but still my legs couldn’t bear my body’s weight, so I drived home.
Something like dejavu happened and I was back at the hospital before the body began to speak, is still blurry what happened next, I just remember aristotle, a mage who proved me that he was a mage when with one move could reverse time. It was perfect, I was awaken, and I can feel the power within some sort of people. After this we went into a library, where me and some other people were welcomed and assigned to our masters. Aristotle is my master, but he even was not prepared for the things that was about to happen…



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