The Weaver Mysteries

Dr Necro Entry #2

Well, as I thought, we had to learn magic the hard way, hard for the others I think because I got into the very basics of magic through an interesting book, I devoured that book, I cannot even remember how long it took me to read it all but as far as I know took a long time and it was FUCKING big, still solved some of my puzzled questions, good thing, I don’t want to ask many questions I am not a 1st grade anymore I can steal and read books ;)

Anyhow, the people I was with in the “welcome party” was a team now, and I was part of the team, and we were asigned a mission, the mission was to find a crazy witch “classic”, even if I don’t read novels I have read a bit about witch-hunting and it is ugly, so this would be uglier because basicly it is a witch-hunting with hunter-witches. A well…



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