The Weaver Mysteries

Memoirs of a stripper

It was just another night where i was working my ass off on the pole…but it paid off 3:) and it was 1500$!!This goth girl just put it in my thong, too bad i’m not into girls.And she followed me to the back room where she took out a vinyl player and a strange music started playing and that was the last thing i did before i faint and the real story began. When i got my senses back i saw the goth girl and an old classy man,Gabriel,who would later be proved to be my master.They where just starting at each other when the strangest thing happened,she turned into ashes!I was in shock and he later explained to me that i had entered the world of infinite possibilities,the world of mages. He drove me to the library of Genesis where the council was held,and other mages where there,and so was Napoleone…God that man makes me so horny just thinking about him!!Anyway what he explained was pretty much the same,we had been awakened and we had powers that we couldn’t show to the rest of the world,the sleepers. And from now on i am Raven.This is going to be so much fun!!I wonder what my new powers will be…!



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