The Weaver Mysteries


It’s been a week since my awakening and Gabriel is so cruel!!He made me stop working!And that means no more dancing and much less sex!!Thank god i had standard clients and now i can work as an escort but still Gabriel has forbiten me to have any further intercourse with them…i thought i could fool him but i swear that man is everywhere!But i met this cute guy that paid me to be his gf for his parents and i hope i see him again!Anyway…he taught me about our philosophy that we are close to nature and we can work with it…we can communicate with life from beyond and that is exactly what happened.Today we were assigned our first mission,me.Dr Necro,Lycaeon and Raziel.Vicroria,Raziel’s master,told us that we were to meet Joe Black at his place,midnight blue,where we would found out what our mission would be.Joe told us that we had to find and kill this woman that had found a way to prolong her life and youth through a ritual that demanded the blood of 30 people.We sstarted our search at the hospital hoping we could find a body related to the case,we couldn’t.That is when i saw my first spirit,a reaper.He,it,told me that he wasn’t able to help but his superiors might,so we went to the cemetary.There were two enormous and scary reapers that told me they had information but they were willing to give it to us only when we would bring them a body…and so we did.But the strangest thing happened.There was a guy at the cemetary that could also see spirits and knew way too much about me…i will pay him a visit at his bar…We found a junkie and delivered him to the reapers…and i killed him…it was a necessary evil that i’m not so proud of.They told us the location of the bodies and tomorrow we will meet again to pick up where we left off.This is serious shit and it’s getting darker as we go deeper…



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