Michael Black

Owner Of The "Midnight Blue" Club


He’s Almost Always Seen With Black Jeans,A White Shirt ,A Black Cotton Vest With Red Stitching And A Red Tie.

He Wears His Jet Black Hair Sort Shaped In A Multitude Of Spikes Leaning Toward The Back Of His Head,He Has A Square-ish Face With High Cheekbones And Shallow Cheeks,Brown Eyes And Almost Paper White Skin.


Michael Black Is An Up And Coming Figure In Both The Corporate Field (With Various Investments In The Drugs And Weapons Industries),And The Political Playground Having Been Seen Talking With The Mayor In Multiple Occasions And Various Rumors Suggesting That He Will Be A Candidate For City Council At The Next Elections.

His Main (Known) Source Of Income Is A Club He Runs Himself Running Under The Name Of “Midnight Blue” Where He Is Seen With Powerful Figures Of Not Only Genesis But Often Of America And Europe In General.

Michael Black

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