The Weaver Mysteries

Dr Necro Entry #2

Well, as I thought, we had to learn magic the hard way, hard for the others I think because I got into the very basics of magic through an interesting book, I devoured that book, I cannot even remember how long it took me to read it all but as far as I know took a long time and it was FUCKING big, still solved some of my puzzled questions, good thing, I don’t want to ask many questions I am not a 1st grade anymore I can steal and read books ;)

Anyhow, the people I was with in the “welcome party” was a team now, and I was part of the team, and we were asigned a mission, the mission was to find a crazy witch “classic”, even if I don’t read novels I have read a bit about witch-hunting and it is ugly, so this would be uglier because basicly it is a witch-hunting with hunter-witches. A well…

It’s been a week since my awakening and Gabriel is so cruel!!He made me stop working!And that means no more dancing and much less sex!!Thank god i had standard clients and now i can work as an escort but still Gabriel has forbiten me to have any further intercourse with them…i thought i could fool him but i swear that man is everywhere!But i met this cute guy that paid me to be his gf for his parents and i hope i see him again!Anyway…he taught me about our philosophy that we are close to nature and we can work with it…we can communicate with life from beyond and that is exactly what happened.Today we were assigned our first mission,me.Dr Necro,Lycaeon and Raziel.Vicroria,Raziel’s master,told us that we were to meet Joe Black at his place,midnight blue,where we would found out what our mission would be.Joe told us that we had to find and kill this woman that had found a way to prolong her life and youth through a ritual that demanded the blood of 30 people.We sstarted our search at the hospital hoping we could find a body related to the case,we couldn’t.That is when i saw my first spirit,a reaper.He,it,told me that he wasn’t able to help but his superiors might,so we went to the cemetary.There were two enormous and scary reapers that told me they had information but they were willing to give it to us only when we would bring them a body…and so we did.But the strangest thing happened.There was a guy at the cemetary that could also see spirits and knew way too much about me…i will pay him a visit at his bar…We found a junkie and delivered him to the reapers…and i killed him…it was a necessary evil that i’m not so proud of.They told us the location of the bodies and tomorrow we will meet again to pick up where we left off.This is serious shit and it’s getting darker as we go deeper…
Memoirs of a stripper
It was just another night where i was working my ass off on the pole…but it paid off 3:) and it was 1500$!!This goth girl just put it in my thong, too bad i’m not into girls.And she followed me to the back room where she took out a vinyl player and a strange music started playing and that was the last thing i did before i faint and the real story began. When i got my senses back i saw the goth girl and an old classy man,Gabriel,who would later be proved to be my master.They where just starting at each other when the strangest thing happened,she turned into ashes!I was in shock and he later explained to me that i had entered the world of infinite possibilities,the world of mages. He drove me to the library of Genesis where the council was held,and other mages where there,and so was Napoleone…God that man makes me so horny just thinking about him!!Anyway what he explained was pretty much the same,we had been awakened and we had powers that we couldn’t show to the rest of the world,the sleepers. And from now on i am Raven.This is going to be so much fun!!I wonder what my new powers will be…!
Lycaeon Entry #2

The first week after my awakening was HORRIBLE that Haron guy is drives me nuts… I can’t stand him anymore i want to kill him somehow but i think there is more for me to learn from him…
Enought with this “Haron crap”. Today there was our first mission,our party consists from me,Dr.Necro,Raven,Raziel, Viktoria told us that we must go to Midnight Blue ,a bar at the center of the town, the owner of the bar informed us about the mission.
Now we must find a woman (don’t remember now her name),we start looking for clues to find her, first at the hospital but no luck there and we end up at the cemetery because that Raven was able to communicate with spirits. At the end we killed a pour guy that we find at the street just to find some clues with the help of a spirit.At the cemetery there was also a guy that i think was spying on us it was a lot suspicious.And at last we get a clue about some corpses that i saw throught scrying and we decided that we must check it at the morning so i returned home for sleep…

Dr Necro Entry #1

Magic… you know magic??? show me your magic tricks kid ;)
This is what i thought when I realized that magic is true, this is what I think I thought…

Anyways, my day was almost boring when a corpse began to chat with me, I firstly thought that the chemicals where fucking with my brain, so I just went without speaking, when he became anoying, and I became curious but still my legs couldn’t bear my body’s weight, so I drived home.
Something like dejavu happened and I was back at the hospital before the body began to speak, is still blurry what happened next, I just remember aristotle, a mage who proved me that he was a mage when with one move could reverse time. It was perfect, I was awaken, and I can feel the power within some sort of people. After this we went into a library, where me and some other people were welcomed and assigned to our masters. Aristotle is my master, but he even was not prepared for the things that was about to happen…

Lycaeon Entry #1

Lycaeon from a normal life as a lawyer has BECOME a mage the first words that pass throught his mind was “how is that possible?” and then “why me?”. He thinks that if he can master this power that Awakened inside him he can change the world to a better place, he don’t trust anyone from that night(6/6/2012) and especially Haron who claims to be his master. He will take advantage of Haron as much as he can just to learn more about this “magic” and then he will go on as a member of the order Guardians Of The Veil (that one that Haron is a member) just to get more power to accomplish his dreams about a better world!

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