The Weaver Mysteries

Lycaeon Entry #2

The first week after my awakening was HORRIBLE that Haron guy is drives me nuts… I can’t stand him anymore i want to kill him somehow but i think there is more for me to learn from him…
Enought with this “Haron crap”. Today there was our first mission,our party consists from me,Dr.Necro,Raven,Raziel, Viktoria told us that we must go to Midnight Blue ,a bar at the center of the town, the owner of the bar informed us about the mission.
Now we must find a woman (don’t remember now her name),we start looking for clues to find her, first at the hospital but no luck there and we end up at the cemetery because that Raven was able to communicate with spirits. At the end we killed a pour guy that we find at the street just to find some clues with the help of a spirit.At the cemetery there was also a guy that i think was spying on us it was a lot suspicious.And at last we get a clue about some corpses that i saw throught scrying and we decided that we must check it at the morning so i returned home for sleep…



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